(I thought it was time to update my testimonial page)

Thanks for a great afternoon’s instructing yesterday on a route that was interesting from start to finish.

A very worthwhile ‘reset’ for my approach to riding, with a ‘heads up’ on several areas which will provide immediate benefits every time I take the Triumph out of the garage.

Time well spent.

Ian (Apr 2022)

Thanks so much for getting the report to me so quickly! I will read, digest and think about it.
I had a fantastic time with you. I really did. You were so ‘gentle’ with me as a relatively new rider and i felt comfortable at all times, that i could ask you questions without fear of being stupid, and that you were there to help, not criticise. so i will definitely like to do another session.

Robert (Jan 2016)

A really good and enjoyable day today.  I was very, pleasantly, surprised how much you pushed me on my first session with you.  Indeed it took me, at times, way out of my comfort zone but your concise explanations around my concerns were very clear and I will improve for your input.  
Thank you for your prompt, high-quality and detailed report.  Much appreciated. With that, and your, input I am sure that I will not only improve my riding style, but also achieve my ultimate objective of the RoSPA Gold riding standard… at some future point.  All in good time. 
Peter (Dec 2015)


Thank you for a great morning out (early Nov) and helping to restore my confidence back with ‘overtaking’ prior to my Master’s test. You instantly made me feel at ease and your instruction and advice throughout was abosolutely brilliant with encouragement where it was required (several times). My confidence soon returned. I left you feeling rejuvenated and with a new lease of life and ready for the test.

I am pleased to say that I did the Masters on Monday and passed with a ‘distinction’. Yes, several overtakes were required to make good progress where safe, appropriate and legal.

I will certainly recommend you to fellow bikers, regardless of level. Once again, a BIG thank you, I really appreciate your help.

Mick (Nov 2015)


Hi Paul

Thanks for the ride today. Very useful. Watching you ride in front was very informative with the commentary as well. Plenty to get on with I will hopefully put it into practice.

Jim (November 2015)


Hi Paul

Many thanks for an excellent morning of instruction. Thoroughly an excellent experience, full of first class advice explained in detail in a pleasant and friendly manner. At the conclusion I felt more confidence in my riding. A couple of hours or so with you on a yearly basis brushes away those bad habits one tends to fall into.

Many thanks again Paul


John Warner (October 2015) 


What a way to spend a days’ training .

I have just experienced an incredibly impressive training session with Paul . Meeting at the agreed location, and over coffee, Paul worked out a plan for the day, taking into account my needs and expected outcome. Then out on the road for 200 or so miles, in ideal weather conditions, warm and dry, on a good mix of varied road types and a challenging route ,visiting several counties. Paul listens, puts you at ease, looks at the positives, makes you think, has a style that seriously brings out the best in you .

If you can, spend some time with this man, not only will you enjoy it, your journey home, will be as a better rider.

Thanks Paul .

Julian Green.  (April 2015)


Just a quick note to say how very worthwhile and informative I found my recent driving assessment.

Although the thought of being assessed can be an uncomfortable one, your clear explanations of the process being undertaken and your obvious extensive experience put me at ease immediately. The planned route itself was well thought out and had varied road conditions.

This put me in situations that , although every day, made me consciously question my actions and position. The was time well spent and I find I have taken a lot of good advice away with me. You highlighted and gave feedback on a few points that I have since been implementing. These have improved my forward planning and positioning .

Driving can easily become an unconscious act and your assessment and comments have re focused my level of engaged attention when behind the wheel. As you know I do circa 35k miles per year. That lots of hours in a variety of driving conditions, so having an improved awareness of how far you can plan ahead, has extended my driving vision and given me more time as I approach a traffic situation.

I think anyone who can take advantage of being assessed by you could a new outlook on their driving experience.
Many Thanks

John Morgan (December 2014)

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for my IAM Mature Driver Assessment last Friday. I have now received a copy of your report and an IAM Certificate rating my driving as ‘Competent’ which I am very pleased with.

I have to complement you on your approach to my assessment. You very quickly made me feel comfortable and gave clear and concise directions throughout the drive. Because of this my initial apprehension disappeared fairly quickly and I was able to relax and enjoy the drive over mostly unfamiliar roads.

You verbal briefing after the drive was very good and was accurately reflected in your written report to the IAM. You highlighted the good points in my driving as well as pointing out a couple of areas for improvement which I will concentrate on in the future. Thank you again.

Brian Starky (December 2014)


Thanks for your observations, it gives me plenty to work on and improve when I can.  With two young children and a baby at home it hasn’t been easy getting out for the observed rides and especially finding time to practice outside of my commute.  Hopefully I’ll get more time in years to come and in the meantime I’ll encourage the bikers I meet to do some advanced training.

It was a pleasure meeting you and a privilege to be assessed by someone of your calibre and experience.  From the little I saw of your riding in my mirrors, I wouldn’t have liked to be on the wrong side of the law in your police days.  Something tells me you’re very good at keeping up with anything on two wheels or four!

I’d like to compliment you on the work you do to help bikers keep safe on the roads.  There’s no doubt in my mind that there must be many bikers and their families that you’ve saved from tragedy with your work.  Children that still have their fathers, women who still have their husbands/partners and of course happy bikers still enjoying the road!

All the best,     Tom. (Dec 2014)

Thank you for your report on the SERV assessment I did with you on Monday November 3rd.

I spent a very enjoyable morning with you, taking in a good variety of roads. You found some points that I needed to address, which I shall work on when riding. I found your instruction clear and to the point, explaining the theory to back up the practical application.

My wife Paula has her SERV, bike assessment with you shortly, I’m sure that she will also gain from your instruction. We look forward to also doing our car assessments with you in the near future.

Again, thank for a rewarding day, delivered with your unique sense of humour 🙂 I wish you every success for the future, and look forward to training with you again.

John Brown. (SERV)


Many thanks for a great ride out day with you. Your immense knowledge and experience in motorcycle road craft coupled with your pleasant manner with your debrief has given me confidence in riding at a good level. I will refer to your detailed report on a regular basis and will be implanted on my brain (hopefully I have one) when I am riding. It was a privilege to be on the road with you and will certainly recommend your training to other bikers. Take care and hope to see during the first part of next year.

Kind regards

John Warner


‘I can honestly say that yesterday’s ride and lesson with you has to be one of the most beneficial, enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had.

The way the assessment and lesson was carried out was brilliant; it was constructive, professional and positive. I am very appreciative of how you were able to quickly identify the areas of my riding that needed to be worked on, explaining how to rectify them, and encouraging and having me carrying out your instructions so quickly.

As a result, I learnt more on this lesson than I could ever have hoped for, discovered just what the bike and myself are capable of, learnt how to relax on the bike and enjoyed the riding so much that I really did not want the lesson to stop!

The humour and fun were the icing on the cake – thank you again and I look forward very much to future lessons with you. I will certainly be recommending you to everyone I know who rides and/or drives.

With kind regards,



‘Based on my short experience with various motorcycle riding courses in the USA in the past and here in the UK your assessment and instruction methodology was by far the most enjoyable and learning experience.  You managed to breakdown technical concepts into practical chunks that made sense in my mind and once placed in to practice things came together.  Thanks for your feedback, I now have additional tools to enable me being closer to an advanced level and confidently asses and deal with multiple hazards and enjoy it at the same time’.


Alex Bello (SERV)


“Paul was my BikeSafe instructor, and having learned plenty during my time with him I was keen to continue the training. Paul is clearly passionate about improving rider skills but he never forgets that riding bikes is fun and my half day was spot on for fun and learning. I have already booked my next session for the autumn.

Thanks for a great morning.


Thanks very much for the training ride today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.

I liked the relaxed way you ran the ride and the frequent excellent feedback through the radio whilst riding, very helpful indeed. I enables improvement on the move, rather than constant stop/start interruptions.

The specific points that you helped me with regarding seating position on the bike, smoothing progress through bends and improved road positioning were invaluable and I’ll be working hard to put them into practice during my day-to-day rides for SERV (and on tour!).

John McCombe
Coordinator, SERV Herts & Beds


I wanted to thank you formally for your efforts over the last few days.

Irrespective of the out come of the Ride Drive Class 1 motorcycle rider course I undertook I found your instruction both professional and easy going.

I have, as you know, undertaken post test training in both RoSPA and IAM as well as other courses designed by Ex Police riders. I gained a great deal from these but struggled (at least in my assessment of my riding) with linking what I had observed with an action or plan to deal with it. I had also struggled with smoothness and aspects of progressive riding.

Obviously the course I was on had its own goals but within it your instruction focused on the weaker areas of my riding, changed my pre-conceptions of what was right on its head and as a result improved my riding quite considerably. In particular linking bends and taking the appropriate line, gear selection and developing a plan.

The style of training was perfect for me with praise where appropriate and positive instruction where things could have been better. At all times I felt comfortable and un-pressured despite the occasionally progressive nature of the rides.

Your instruction far exceeded my expectations which I can only say were very high. It was a privilege to be taught by one of the best and can confirm I will be back for more.

Thanks for a great experience.

Best regards

Matt Barker


I just completed a 3 day course with Paul, it was great fun and really productive, but hard work.  Paul did not bombard me with to much information, he worked on one element at a time, and just saying you understand it is not enough, if I didn’t understand it he explained it another way and demonstrated it until I did, then the final day was spent putting it all together.  He clearly knows his stuff, very friendly and straight forward, it is nice to be taught by someone who clearly enjoys the work and would be doing it even if he did not get paid, it makes a huge difference.

I have been to lots of advanced riding groups and on courses, a lot of them speak rubbish and make it far more complicated than it needs to be, Paul stripped it right down to the basics, keeping you safe and getting the best out of the bike and road.  He knows his stuff, he wrote the book on this.  100% recommended

Edd Hardy


Question:  What do you get when you mix young people (mainly guys), good wages, unlimited motorway speeds, living away from home with a work-hard/play-hard attitude?

Answer:  The fastest and most powerful motorcycles being bought and ridden with bad habits, totally inappropriate speed and a disproportionately bad accident/incident rate.

Solution: Paul Mostyn. I approached him in his capacity as BikeSafe- London Team Coordinator and asked for assistance.

To say Paul has a “Can-Do” attitude is an understatement; after much work on both sides of the Channel, Paul was instrumental in facilitating two separate training courses, traveling to Germany and conducting intense group sessions on Europe’s fastest road network. Using his knowledge drawn from BikeSafe and the IAM he trained and tested over fifty servicemen and civil servants stationed in Northwest Europe. The courses were bespoke, relevant and hugely beneficial to all who attended.

Without Paul’s positive attitude, hard work and perseverance the courses would not have come to fruition. Leading by example, Paul ensured that the highest levels of training and testing standards were maintained and it is without doubt that the level of riding ability has increased immeasurably for those who attended, it goes without saying that Paul’s sense of humour shone through and he was fun but an inspiration to all. It is a true measure that Paul’s services are still requested by the military driver training department to this day.

Personally speaking, Paul has turned my own riding around; his plain speaking solutions to processes and the application of ‘the system’, coupled with his own excellent riding skills have demonstrated to me that advanced does not mean boring – anything but – and I would not think twice about recommending Paul for individual or group training, as he says, if you want the best…?!

Andy Riach

(Former Germany-based assistant training coordinator =+ GSA Rider!).


“When I began my motorcycling journey, I was taught how to pass my test. Today under Paul’s instruction I feel that I’ve finally been taught how to ride. “

             Steve Hunt, MCN

“I would recommend Paul Mostyn highly as an advanced driving instructor.  He is extremely experienced and he has been trained to very high standards.  His background as a police instructor shows through and it is clear that he is able to coach a wide range of people from relative beginners through to those already at the highest level.  Even very experienced people will learn something from him.  

Paul is not only an advanced instructor in cars but is also an expert biker and bike instructor.  i found that his experience on bikes added to the richness of the coaching he was able to give to me.  I’ve never ridden a bike and Paul was able to explain, in terms that meant something to me, the areas of risk when bikes and cars get close to each other.  Paul comes across as a coach rather than a teacher.  

He has a highly effective style which gets the absolute maximum out of an individual, regardless of their base level of capability.  He is fascinating to talk to about driving and refreshingly open.  I hold a racing licence and have raced cars for many years.  Rather than dismiss this as irrelevant, Paul was interested in talking about different track techniques and how to apply them to driving safely on the roads.  I knew I’d get something out of taking my advanced driving test, I just had no idea how much.  

Despite 30 years driving experience I can genuinely say that I’m a considerably safer, better driver as a result of being coached by Paul.'”

             Jonathan Davis


I had the opportunity to be trained by Paul when I traveled from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol USA to London back in 2007. Paul trained me in BikeSafe and IAM. I owe so much to him for his guidance, mentoring and friendship. He is an excellent instructor, motorcyclist and is a man of strong character. If I had a school over there I would do my best to hire him. (I own and operate MotoMark1 in North Carolina, USA).

You will not go wrong when you hire Paul Mostyn Advanced Training and you will be glad you did because you have been trained by the best of the best.

  Mark Brown (North Carolina State Highway Patrol)